State’s Largest School Supply Nonprofit Reaches San Pablo; 428 Students Benefit with $65 Kit

SAN PABLO, California – K to College, a nonprofit organization that operates the state’s largest charitable school and other material donation program for low-income kids, distributed school supply and dental hygiene kits to all Lake Elementary school students today, rounding off seven similar events around the state. Attending were an auditorium full of happy kids, Contra Costa Supervisor John Gioia, San Pablo City Councilwoman Cecilia Valdez, representatives of K to College, and other officials.

Since 2010, K to College has distributed school and dental supply kits to more than 50,000 students in Contra Costa County. While the program is now growing throughout the state, locally K to College is continuing to fundraise to meet the needs of East Bay children and youth. “This program provides a much-needed direct service to students, parents and teachers,” said Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia. “Although the economy is continuing to rebuild, there are still thousands of families in Contra Costa County that do not have the ability to provide these resources, which are critical to their children’s success. That is why we must continue to support the efforts of K to College and their partners to provide every child with the tools they need to achieve.”

This year’s distribution at Lake Elementary School was funded through a partnership with the City of San Pablo, the San Pablo Community Foundation, Groupon and Give Something Back Office Supplies. “This program is an excellent example of how the non-profit and for-profit sectors can collaborate to solve social problems,” said Mike Hannigan, President and cofounder of Give Something Back Office Supplies. “From day one we have partnered with K to College because this program fits perfectly into our business model.” Through this and other partnerships, K to College is able to provide one supply kit worth approximately $65 at a cost of approximately $22.

Despite the tremendous leverage the program brings, K to College says that the need still outweighs the supply. “Today’s distribution is a celebration of a great effort in San Pablo, but also a reminder that there are tens of thousands of homeless and other low-income students still in need of support,” said Benito Delgado-Olson, Executive Director of K to College. “San Pablo and its leadership have demonstrated how a collaborative effort can produce tremendous, yet efficient results for the city’s most precious resource. We will continue to work with our partners to bring similar solutions to other communities throughout the region.”

The program is working with more than 200 school districts throughout California and donating to 100 this fall. Their focuses are schools serving low-income populations and homeless children. The supply packages contain items such as paper, pencils, erasers, folders, glue sticks, index cards, a dental hygiene kit and a tote bag.