Supply Bank

Modeling the approach of food banks, SupplyBank.Org is a nonprofit public benefit corporation building a statewide supply bank to provide basic materials to disadvantaged children and families.

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SupplyBank.Org is the story of a humble nonprofit that evolved from a UC Berkeley student group with a pickup truck into the first effort of its kind in the nation. Just as food banks act as a central hub working with farmers, government and private entities to acquire food cheaply or in-kind and send it to front line organizations such as soup kitchens and churches, SupplyBank.Org uses a similar approach to address the unmet material needs of low-income families. Building the nation’s first “supply bank,” SupplyBank.Org exists to ensure no one has their path to the workforce impeded by unmet basic material needs.

SupplyBank.Org works directly with manufacturers, government and private entities to acquire materials cheaply, kit them by age and gender, and verifiably distribute those materials to low-income children and families in need. Instead of soup kitchens, our “front lines” for distributions are more than 300 county offices of education and school districts, traditional and domestic violence shelters, early learning agencies and as of 2015, community college districts. 2015 was also the first year that SupplyBank.Org provided basic material needs assistance to low-income children and families in every county in California.

Our Approach

We are uniting nonprofit organizations, corporations and government agencies to systematically help thousands of California children and families.

Supply Bank



Step 1: Partnerships

Our major sources of revenue include government agencies and corporations. Our in-kind assets are primarily acquired through our manufacturers’ network.

Market Power

Step 2: Market Power

By centralizing procurement and sourcing strategically we leverage superior market power, allowing us to drive down costs and provide more resources.


Step 3: Assembly

We work with fulfillment centers throughout California in addition to holding volunteer events to assemble school supply kits and other materials for distribution to disadvantaged children and families.


Step 4: Distribution

We partner with welfare-oriented agencies including school districts, First 5 agencies, shelters and counties to ensure that our materials reach only those in need.

Our Accomplishments

We have assisted hundreds of thousands of children and families over the past six years, but we are just getting started.

School Supplies

$25,000,000+ of Materials to Children & Families

Distributed $25 million dollars worth of school supplies, dental supplies, diapers, hygiene supplies and other materials to 500,000 disadvantaged California kids from 2010-2016

Partnerships CA

Statewide Partnerships

Partnered with nearly 350 county welfare agencies, county offices of education, early learning agencies & shelters representing more than 90% of California’s homeless kids, and most enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program


Highlighted Legislation

Successfully sponsored legislation:
AB 1789: State School Supplies for Homeless Children Fund Tax Check-Off
SB 608: Partnership with California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA)

Low Overhead

Efficient Operations

Since our founding SupplyBank.Org has worked with all public and private stakeholders to subsidize operations, reduce costs and maintain a low organizational overhead. This enables us to provide up to $3 of materials for every $1 invested.

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