Tim Sbranti


Tim Sbranti
Vice Chair of the Board
Former Mayor/Teacher


Tim Sbranti has devoted his life to public service in Dublin as both a teacher and elected official. Sbranti was first elected to City Council in 2002, and was elected Mayor in 2008 and re-elected in 2010. Tim helped to guide the City through some of its most transformative years.

Tim stepped into the Mayor’s office during the worst economic downturn to ever face the City of Dublin since its incorporation. He worked closely with the City Council and staff to develop several new economic incentive programs intended to encourage and stimulate new business activity. In addition to his leadership on the issue of economic development, Mayor Sbranti is fiercely passionate about improving the City’s environmental programs, increasing the City’s communication with the public, maintaining Dublin’s image as a safe community, improving the City’s infrastructure, and enhancing Dublin’s Parks and Recreational programs and facilities.

Building community has also been at the forefront of Tim’s tenure as Mayor, with projects such as the rebuilding of the spectacular new Shannon Community Center, the construction and development of the new Heritage Park and Museums project, as well as the building of the first phase of Fallon Sports Park and the renovation of the Dublin Sports Grounds. Several major public works projects have occurred, including streetscape improvements and enhancements along Dublin Boulevard, as well as the opening of the I-580 Fallon/El Charro Interchange.

Mayor Sbranti grew up in Dublin and teaches at his alma mater Dublin High School, where he also serves as the school’s Student Activities Director, Varsity Boys Tennis Coach, and Assistant Varsity Boys Basketball Coach. Outside of his professional roles with the City and the School District, Tim is extremely active in the community. He is a Past President of the Dublin Lions Club, and has served on the Board of Directors of other active organizations in the City such as the Dublin Partners in Education (DPIE), Dublin Historical Preservation Association (DHPA), St. Raymond’s Parish Council, and the Knights of Columbus among others.

Mayor Sbranti is married to Stephanie, a teacher at Valley Continuation High School in Dublin.

An early supporter of K to College, Mayor Sbranti was instrumental in helping K to College expand into the Tri-Valley region of the San Francisco Bay Area and other Bay Area surburban communities. K to College’s mission of equal access to education reflects Mayor Sbranti’s life-long committment to a free quality education for all children.